Cabs – PA

My PA 3

I used to have 3 pairs of 2×12 PA cabs but I just have one pair left in the collection now. I also have pair of 3×10 cabs, a pair of 6×8″ cabs. a pair of Club System cabs, a pair of Band System cabs, a pair of X32 Horn columns, a single early 2×10 cab and a pair of later 2×10 cabs.

I have also acquired a pair of Vendetta columns and a pair of X39 Reflex Bins in June 2016 and a pair of 4×12 columns in March 2017.

You can see pics and more details by clicking on the following links :-

1×12 Monitor cabs

2×12 PA cabs

2×10 PA cabs

3×10 PA cabs

4×10 PA cabs

4×12 PA cabs

6×8 PA cabs

Band System – 2×12″ plus horn

Club System – 1×12 plus 1×10 (no horn)

Intruder Reflex Bin

Vendetta PA columns

Wedge Monitors

X32 Horn columns

X39 Reflex Bins

My PA 7