Mixers – unpowered

I have extracted the following info from recent months of sales on Ebay UK.

(Last updated May 1st 2018)

The figures are actual sale prices but they should only be used as a guide as prices, valuations etc. will depend on age, condition and many other factors.

Where there is more than 1 recent sale of a particular model I have added a line showing the average sale price. I have excluded items sold for spares / repairs and also those sold with a Best Offer where the actual sale price is unknown.

Mixers – Unpowered
Audiomaster mixer Audiomaster £320 24/05/2016
Audiomaster mixer Audiomaster £400 26/07/2016 Buy-It-Now price
Audiomaster mixer Audiomaster £378 01/03/2017
Audiomaster mixer Audiomaster £167 10/10/2017 Requires servicing
Audiomaster mixer Audiomaster £161 26/11/2017
Audiomaster mixer Audiomaster £381 22/12/2017
(average) £301
Audiomaster Mk2 £300 09/12/2016 No knobs
Halle Cat Mixer/Copicat £276 22/12/2017
Mixer Stereomaster £67 28/06/2015
Pre-Mixer Pre-Mixer IV £220 15/11/2016 Mixer / spring reverb
Pre-Mixer Pre-Mixer IV £200 20/12/2016 Mixer / spring reverb
Pre-Mixer Pre-Mixer IV £250 28/08/2017 Mixer / spring reverb
Pre-Mixer Pre-Mixer IV £75 27/10/2017 Mixer / spring reverb
(average) £186