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Hi there! Welcome to the WEM Owners website.
This site has been set up as a source of information for owners and users of WEM equipment. It is not the intention that this site be used in competition with the excellent sites already in existence, such as the Watkins Guitars and Vintage Hofner websites. This site is designed more for use by WEM owners who want to share ideas, suggestions, pictures and any WEM related information that other owners might find useful.
I hope you find it useful

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This site has been set up by, and is maintained by, Gordon Heley

NOTE – This is NOT a business website.

I am being inundated by people, mainly from outisde the UK, who keep telling me how much their SEO packages can improve my business. WEM-Owners is NOT a business. It has no budget or requirement for SEO packages so anyone planning to contact me with an offer for an SEO package – please DON’T.

You can contact me at wem-owners@hotmail.com and I’ll welcome any ideas, comments or suggestions concerning this website (Other than requests regarding SEO packages).

Please note – the WEM name and logo and the Copicat name are registered trademarks of the Watkins Electric Music company in the UK.