6×8″ Folding columns (mid 1960s)

These columns appear in a WEM leaflet, alongside an FR30 PA amp, that is dated 1965. The cabs were normally sold in pairs with each cab being split in two and hinged so that they could be clipped together for easier transportation. So, in total, you would normally have 4 cabs with 3×8″ drivers in each.

Many thanks to Michael for permission to use his pics of this first example. These cabs look in excellent condition considering they are over 50 years old and the pics show the original Elac 8″ drivers that the can was fitted with –

6x8-1960s-56x8-1960s-1 6x8-1960s-2 6x8-1960s-46x8-1960s-96x8-1960s-8 6x8-1960s-76x8-1960s-10

Many thanks to cyffylog2 for permission to use the following pics of this next example. They are showing their age a little more but I believe they are still in fully working order –

s-l1600 (11) s-l1600 (10) s-l1600 (8) s-l1600 (6) s-l1600 (5) s-l1600 (2)

Thanks to Terry for permission to use the following picture of his 6×8 cabs with matching FR30 valve amp.