Dominator 25 Mk II (or is it a Mk IV?)

Or, indeed, is it a Westminster Mk IX in disguise? This one joined the collection in November 2016. The amp is marked as a Dominator 25 Mk II but the casing shows it as a Mk IV Tube. It’s pretty basic with 2 inputs on a single channel with Volume, Bass, Middle and Treble controls plus a Master Volume and a Bright push button on/off switch. I’ve no idea why the amp says it’s a Mk II and the casing says it’s a Mk IV. As far as I can tell, everything is original so if anyone has any thoughts on it, please let me know ( The amp is driving a single Celestion 12″ G12S-50 driver. (This may not be original). The guts of the amp look clean and tidy and just help to confirm that this is one of the last Dominators made, probably in the early 1980s. The guts are also pretty basic with just a single ECC83 and a pair of ECL82s which make the circuit almost identical to the 10 watt Westminster Mk IX. Despite it’s name, I don’t think there is any way this amp would give out 25 watts. It’s much more likely to be nearer 10 watts or even less. I have to say, the casing is also pretty basic but it does the job. Primarily chipboard held together with some battening and a few screws. It’s not surprising that some of the battening started to split while on route to me but the basic design and build meant that it was also a fairly basic repair. It’s an interesting one for the collection but doesn’t come close to matching my much earlier Dominator Mk II and Mk III.

Dom25-2-4Dom25-2-8Dom25-2-7 Dom25-2-6Dom25-2-3 Dom25-2-2 Dom25-2-1Dom25-2-9