Goodmans drivers


The above picture shows a rare example of a Goodmans driver shown by the label to have been specifically made for WEM.

The following pictures are from WEM items that used to be or still are in my own collection and show the use of various Goodmans drivers in different setting.

These first 3 pictures are from an early Super Starfinder 4×12 cab but the drivers are from an even earlier Super Starfinder. They show that WEM used Goodmans 50 watt Power Audiom drivers in Starfinders before they switched to using Fane drivers. I don’t know the date of the cab or the drivers but I would guess the late 1960s.

Starfinder inside with Goodmans-2 Starfinder inside with Goodmans

Starfinder Goodmans label

The following pictures show the use of a Goodmans 15″ driver in a WEM 1×15 cab which I believe dates from around the early to mid 1970s.

Sup 30-2 Sup 30-1

The next picture shows a Westminster alongside a Clubman and, as far as I am aware, both have their original drivers. The Westminster is the one on the left which you can tell as it has 3 valves compared to the Clubman’s 2 valves. The picture also shows how the more powerful Goodmans driver was used instead of the less powerful Fane.

candw p8

The following pictures are taken from a 2×12 cab that is the same size as the 1×15 shown above. This same cab was used by WEM in various guises including a 1×15, 2×15, 2×12 and a 1×18. You can see the preference for Goodmans 12P drivers used in this 2×12 version.

2x12v p2 2x12v p1


The next 2 pictures show the inside of a Monitor Reverb Combo. As with the 2×12 cab above, the pictures clearly show the prefernce to use Goodmans 12Ps in this combo.

IMG_3984 IMG_3982

The final picture in this section shows the back of a Dominator Mk II combo and again highlights the use of Goodmans 12P drivers in this model.

WEM Dominator MkII spkr