Metal strips / fascias

One of the most common parts that tends to get lost on amps such as Dominators, Westminsters, etc. is the metal strip / fascia that has the lettering for the controls.

I have found a company near my home town of Basingstoke that can make the strips if you can provide them with measurements and, if possible, a picture showing an example. This company have made metal strips for me in the past although they may need a minimum order. The best thing to do is to contact them and ask if they can help.

The company is called BDM Group Ltd.

Below is a picture showing samples of the strips that they have made for me.

Metal strips


Although BDM Group Ltd can make the metal strips, they can’t do the lettering. I have found the best way to solve this is to get the strip made and then take it to a local sign maker who should be able to get the lettering printed onto transfer type material. The sign maker may even apply the lettering for you although I have tended to do it myself. It can be a fiddly job but not too difficult. I have a sign writer in Basingstoke who does my lettering but I would recommend that you find a sign writer local to you as the lettering could get bent or damaged if posted.