2×12 upright instrument cab – late 1970s

This cab doesn’t appear in any of my catalogues but it has very similar characteristics to a 2×12 PA cab that appears in the 1979/80 Bell Musical Instruments catalogue.

These characteristics include rounded edges, plastic insert handles, silver piping, different tolex pattern and metal protection corners.

The dimensions of the cab are –¬†Height 78.5cm, Depth 34.5cm, Width 53.5cm. This means the cab is slightly smaller than earlier 2×12 cabs.

I don’t know if the Celestion drivers shown in one of the pics are original but I think they date from around the same time so they could well be original.

Many thanks to Jon for permission to use his pics –

2x12-1980-1 2x12-1980-22x12-1980-5 2x12-1980-32x12-1980-6