Digital Copicat – Soundbuilder

Part of the Soundbuilder range of effects, the Digital Copicat followed on from the tape Copicats. There is very little information available about it. I think it probably dates from the late 1980s or possibly even the early 1990s. I was lucky enough to acquire this one in 2014 and it came with an original A4 sheet of instructions and a 4 page leaflet about the Soundbuilder series.

WEM describe it in their documentation as “Sound more like a Copicat than a Copicat”.

Digital Copicat frontDigital Copicat top

Digital Copicat sideDigital Copicat rear

Soundbuilder Copicat instructions page 1 Soundbuilder Copicat instructions page 2


There were one or two variations of the Digital Copicat, including the one shown in the following leaflet from 1990 –