Fane drivers

WEM are well known for using Fane drivers in their cabs and combos. The best known of all, and undoubtedly the most highly sought after, are the Fane Crescendo driver. The following pictures show a Super Starfinder 4×12 cab with 3 Fane drivers and an odd McKenzie which I assume is a later replacement for a blown driver. Although they are not marked as Crescendos, as far as I am aware, the Fane drivers are original to the cab and are therefore probably forerunners to the Crescendo.

inside with Fanes and McKenzie inside bottom with 2 x Fanes Fane close up

The right hand combo shown below is a Clubman 5 watt combo. The Fane driver is original and probably a bit of overkill for a combo of this size but it certainly sounds good.

candw p8

This next picture shows a Dominator Mk I Bass combo with a 15″ Fane Pop 50 installed. I can’t be sure that this driver is original as I have seen these same combos with 15″ Celestion drivers installed but the Pop 50 certainly comes from the same era and so may well be original.

Dom mk III before refurb - 2