1×15 Super Reflex bass cab – circa 1975-77

This cab is identical to one of the 2×12 cabs I have in my collection. It is smaller than previous 1×15 cabs, has plastic handles, and also has silver piping. It’s also made from chipboard rather than plywood, so it could be argued that the cab doesn’t have the strength, build quality, or sound characteristics of earlier cabs. However, it uses the familiar Celestion G15M, 50 watt driver. The WEM / Bell catalogues describe this cab as 8 ohms but the driver in mine is clearly marked as 15 ohms so it may have been a special order or the driver may have been replaced at some point in time. Ideally suited to be paired up with solid state heads such as the ER40 and AX40/GX40. The cab is 30″ high so it sits very nicely alongside my Starfinder 200 cab which is also 30″ high. There is a port at the bottom of the cab which I assume was for better bass response.

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WEM extract page 36