X39 Reflex Bins

I acquired this pair of X39 Reflex PA bins in June 2016 and they were empty when I purchased them, apart from the horns in the top sections. The first few pictures show them as they were when purchased.

There are additional pictures further down the page showing them loaded.

As can be seen from the pics, the cabs have 3 main sections. The top section contains an RCF tweeter with an EV flare which I believe is original. The middle section has space for a pair of 12″ drivers and has a flaired front. The bottom section takes a single 15″ driver with a reflex port.

With the original drivers the cabs were rated at 100 watts and 8 ohms. They appear in the 1978 “Sound Like WEM” leaflet which suggests they were only made in the 2nd half of the 1970s.


X39-3 x39-1


Getting original drivers for these cabs would have been virtually impossible so I decided to use some spare drivers that I had available. The 12″ drivers are Bugera 100 watt drivers and the 15″ drivers are HH 100 watt drivers. All these drivers originally came from instrument cabs but they have an excellent tone for PA as well as instruments. The tweeters are original and are RCF UNITA TW101 drive units with EV flares. The following pictures show what the cabs look like inside with the drivers loaded. Also, the original screws holding the back panels in place were showing signs of age and I therefore replaced them with new screws, as can be seen in one of the pics. Also noticeable in the same pic is the layout of the back panel screws which clearly shows where the panel was securely fastened to the section of the cab holding the pair of 12″ drivers.

X39-5 X39-4 X39-9 X39-8 X39-7 X39-6


If you ever manage to find a pair of these cabs and decide to buy them, I would strongly recommend taking a body building course first. They weigh approx. 63 kgs each and they are so heavy that the carrying handles are sited on the top and bottom, rather than the sides, as it is assumed there will be 2 people carrying each cab – which you will definitely need!