Sapphire 2×12 100 watt

The Sapphire 2×12 100 watt combo is a rare item. It’s solid state with a wide range of tone controls. The Sapphire pictured joined my collection in April 2016. It contains a pair of early cast frame Fane drivers. The amp dates from the late 1970s and appears in the “Sound Like WEM” leaflet dated July 1978. The drivers have a 1978 date code. The power section is very similar to the earlier ER100 and PA100 amps and the pre-amp section has a similar control set up as the GX40 and GX100 Bi-tone amps. The construction of the cab is fairly basic, made from chipboard, and doesn’t have the same strength as earlier WEM cabs made from ply.

Sapphire 100 21Sapphire 100 20 Sapphire 100 19 Sapphire 100 18Sapphire 100 05Sapphire 100 12 Sapphire 100 14 Sapphire 100 15Sapphire 100 17 Sapphire 100 16 Sapphire 100 13