3×10 PA cabs

I acquired this pair of 3 x 10 PA cabs in September, 2015. These cabs were normally sold as 2 pairs of 2 cabs, so 4 cabs in total. Each pair had a top and a bottom cab with 3 x 10″ drivers in each, thus making a total of 12 x 10″ drivers. The 3 drivers in each cab are 8 ohms linked in series giving the cab a total of 24 ohms. The 4 cabs would all be linked in parallel thus giving a total of 6 ohms which was the standard output on WEM 100 watt power amps such as the PA100 etc.. The drivers have no power handling label on them but I would estimate they are around 10 watts per driver, thus making each cab capable of handling around 30 watts and a total of around 120 watts for a set of 4 cabs. Unfortunately I only have a pair of top halves. My cabs have sequential serial numbers and look absolutely identical from the outside but, very strangely, they have different drivers fitted. ¬†One of them has Elac drivers and the other has Peerless drivers. There is no indication that any of the drivers have been replaced or re-fitted so I believe they are original and I can only assume that WEM had a stock Elac 10″ drivers and a stock of Peerless 10″ drivers and it was just pot luck which drivers were used. I’ve attached pics of both sets so that you can see the difference.

The cabs are in good condition and sound pretty good for their age. I also have the covers which will help to keep them in good condition.

The bottom picture shows the clip that would have been used to clip the 2 halves together if I had had the bottom halves and not just the tops.

3x10 speakers front 2 3x10 speakers front 1

3x10 speakers back 3x10 speakers back top

3x10 speaker 1 inside 1 3x10 speaker 1 inside 2

3x10 speaker 2 inside 1 3x10 speaker 2 inside 2

3x10 speakers  clip