Power Musette

This nice little combo has just arrived (May 2018).

Good news is – it’s complete, it works well, and it’s all original, including full compliment of original Mullard valves (3xECC83, 2xEL84,1xEZ81).

Not such good news is that it needed quite a lot of tidying up. If you scan down this page you will see what tidying up I did and how it looks after it was finished.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Power Musette – it’s identical to the WEM Dominator, in this instance a Dominator Mk II, but it has a different driver which has a whizzer cone.The cone makes it more suitable for accordion, which was Charlie Watkins’s great love. However, it sounds pretty good with a guitar as well.

PM-1 PM-9PM-2PM-5 PM-4 PM-3 PM-6PM-10 PM-8


Refurb now complete.

First job was to remove the amp section and put away somewhere safe and then remove all the bits and pieces.


It’s at this point that you can see the difference in the Power Musette speaker. You can see that it has a whizzer cone in the middle – supposedly to give better response for accordion and keyboard.


The inner layer of grill cloth was badly torn – as is the case with the vast majority of WEM cabs I’ve come across – so it had to be removed and replaced by a piece of black grill cloth salvaged from a non-WEM cab –


Once that was done, along with a minor repair of a small hole in the patterned grill cloth, I was able to reassemble the front baffle – PM-16

I cleaned up, applied a couple of small patches, and then polished the rexine on the cab –


I also gave the inside a coat of black woodstain, after first refitting the front back into the casing –


I then cleaned the amp fascia and knobs and also applied switch/contact cleaner to all the pots, sockets and valve bases. And I also fitted a replacement matching handle.

And so now I was in a position to reassemble everything –

PM-21 PM-22 PM-19

Final step was to clean up and refit the two back panels and then fire it up –

PM-20 PM-25 PM-26 PM-23

Job done – everything works, including the tremolo, and sounds good.

I’ve decided, for the time-being, to leave off the Power Musette logo from the front panel as I may replace the driver with a standard driver designed for guitar which will, in effect, make this a Dominator Mk II rather than a power Musette.