Steve P. – WEM cab / amp collection

Many thanks to Steve for permission to show the following pictures of his excellent collection of WEM amps and cabs –

Some additional info from Steve –

The vendetta columns have had the horns replaced as when we acquired them they had modern replacements bodged into them. They are the later all 12″ speaker type. The 4×12 columns are early serial numbers only 3 digits and begin with CF. The 2×12 starfinder is all original with celestion drivers. The 2×15 starfinder is original with later type celestions. The third starfinder was originally a super 40 1×15 but is now a 2×12 with 70s celestions (the one I gig regularly). The Copicat has been modded to take more inputs , I have gigged the 2×12 Monitor 50 Reverb ,until it caught fire ☹ .The 2×12 columns were not working when we bought them. They now have modern speakers in and have been used as p.a. at gigs. The amps are – PA40, PA100 and ER100.