Peerless drivers

Peerless were a company based in Denmark. I cannot find any absolute 100% confirmation that the black framed drivers used by WEM were made by Peerless but the pictures I have seen of Peerless drivers from that era would strongly suggest that they were the ones used by WEM. In those days Peerless speakers were also favoured by Bang & Olufsen, which can be taken as an indication of their quality. Until 1967 the CM120W speakers (the 12″ model possibly used by WEM) were rated at 12 Watts. Somewhere between 1967 and 1973 they were changed to 24 Watts. There is a comment on the web from a WEM owner that “Charlie Watkins said the speakers are from a Danish supplier he used which he thought were equal to Fanes“. This would seem to support Peerless as the manufacturer.

120FM 02 120FM 03 with 93 mark

The drivers pictured above were taken from a WEM cab. Please note the “FM” stamped on the cone like Peerless had a habit of doing, and the distinctive “93” mark in white crayon on the cone that WEM drivers have.

They are either

Peerless CM120FM       :   5 Watt (highly unlikely), voice coil 25 mm / 1 inch, depth 130mm or

Peerless P120FM 1967 : 10 Watt, voice coil 32 mm / 1 ¼ inch, depth 140 mm or

Peerless D120FM          : 12 Watt, voice coil 38 mm / 1½ inch, depth 146 mm, or

Peerless P120FM 1973: 20 Watt, voice coil 32 mm / 1 ¼ inch, depth 140 mm (most likely)

Here are a couple of pics of Peerless drivers used in a pair of WEM 4×12″ PA columns –

Peer-1 Peer-2

Here are a few more pics plus info about Peerless –

120FM 01 Peerless CM120W Peerless 12 inch II Peerless 12 inch I 120FM 04 CM120WB

Peerless Catalogue 1973-1974 Peerless 1973 Catalogue P120FM Peerless 1967 Catalogue 120FM Peerless Catalogue 1973-1974 CM120W Peerless Catalogue 1967 CM120W


The following pics show more examples of the Peerless drivers in use. These are from my own collection. The picture of 3 drivers is taken from a 3×10″ PA cab, which shows that 10″ versions of the driver were used as well as 12″, and the picture of the 4 drivers is taken from my Starfinder Super 80 cab.

3x10 speaker 2 inside 2 3x10 speaker 2 inside 1 2x12 p6 inside

And here is another link to some useful Peerless info –