Copicats p1

Accordion Copicat (1987)

Custom Copicat – valve copicat (Mk III?)

Varispeed Gold Type 1


IC400 – Varispeed


MK I with blue fascia

Mk II Valve Copicat – with twin lid – black / cream

Mk IV Solid State

Super IC

Shadow Echo

Super Shadow (unknown type)

Soundbuilder Digital Copicat

Stereo Cat – as advertised in November 1964.

Stereo Copicat

Brochure / Schematics / Instructions / Custom built cases / UK based repair specialist

Halle-Cat mixer with built-in Echo

Unknown model – IC400 predecessor?

Echo unit – 1990s – 6 head tape unit

** Just a quick word of warning – Most Copicats , valve and solid state, were made with a 2 core mains cable so they were not earthed. They relied on getting an earth via the amplifier connection. This would be considered unsafe by today’s standards and it is strongly recommended that if you have a 2 core mains cable, you get it converted to a 3 core earthed cable. This needs to be done by someone who knows what they are doing so seek expert advice if you are unsure. **