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The WEM Story

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WEM – Watkins Electric Music – The original WEM website – still going strong.

Vintage Hofner – WEM pages  Lots of info on WEM equipment plus others such as Selmer, Hofner etc.

Watkins Guitars home page  – Lots of info and pics on WEM guitars and equipment

Amp-Fix – Useful site for Copicat info and info on WEM re-issue Dominator, Westminster, and Clubman combos.

Tube-Amp Doctor – A useful site for a supplier based in Germany for spare parts etc. including Black Basket-Weave (otherwise known as Panama) tolex as used on many of the later WEM amps. They also supply IEC chassis sockets which are a replacement for the old round Bulgin sockets although some slight enlarging of the hole may be needed.

WEM HandlesESR Electronic Components Ltd – if you are looking for a handle identical to those used on many WEM and other amps such as the ER40.

Vintage Amps Bulletin Board – This is a well established and well used forum for vintage amp enthusiasts. It has a “Miscellaneous British Amplifiers” section where there are several WEM related entries. If you can’t find what you are looking for on this WEM-owners site, you can try asking on the Vintage Amps site.

Charlie Watkins – Excellent article about the late Charlie Watkins (Part only – full article available from Sound On Sound – Feb. 2015)

Doppler Audio (Australia) – If you are based in Australia and have a Copicat requiring repair or servicing, contact Geoff Williamson at Doppler Audio.

Charlie Watkins invents his first amplifier – You Tube link.

Articles – 

Starfinder Restoration – Write up on a restoration that I carried out.

Dominator 50 Combo restoration

Dominator 50 head