Fake or genuine

Don’t be fooled into buying a fake WEM speaker cab.

There is no doubt that some cabs listed for sale on various sites are not genuine WEM cabs made and sold by Watkins Electric Music.

There are some cabs that are obvious replicas and sellers are within their right to sell replicas provided it is made clear that they are replicas and not original WEM cabs.

For example, if a cab doesn’t have an original WEM logo, original WEM speaker cloth, or original WEM serial number plates, then there is a good chance it is a replica.

However, there are sometimes cabs that come up for sale that do sometimes have WEM logos and which are sold as genuine WEM cabs but which are fakes.

Genuine WEM cabs can cost a great deal of money so, if you are unsure of authenticity, get some expert advice. There are groups on Facebook, such as the WEM / Watkins Amplifiers group, which have many experts as members of the group and they are a good source of help and advice, not just on authenticity but also on what would be a fair price to pay.