Band Mix

This is another rare later amp from WEM. Similar to the Soundman range so it almost certainly dates from around 1979 – 1981. It’s a 5 channel PA mixer amp with graphic eq and built-in spring reverb. It has 4 output transistors although I’ve been unable to determine what they are but, if WEM were consistent, which they often weren’t, they are probably 2N3773 devices which would give the amp a rated ouput around 150 watts. The amp needed some work when it came to me as 2 of the pots had broken off and the volume was very low. It also needed a good clean (see bottom pics below). This has now all been done and the amp is working well and sounds pretty good – and very loud.

BM 1BM 3 BM 2BM 6 BM 5 BM 4BM 7BM 9 BM 8