Dominator Mk II

This is arguably the best combo I have. With a single original Goodmans driver and 15-18 watt rated amplifier with original Mullard EL84 valves, the tone on this combo is superb. I had it serviced in a local music shop and when I collected it there was an excellent guitarist trying out various amps. The shop tech asked him to try the amp just to show me it was working and the guitarist immediately asked if I wanted to sell it as it was the best amp he had heard and better than any of the new ones in the shop. I told him it wasn’t for sale, and it still isn’t. I’m not sure what makes this combo sound so good but, if you get a chance to lay your hands on one, do it.

Dom II-8 Dom II-4

Dom II-3 Dom II-2 Dom II-1 Dom II-9

I also have the Power Musette version of this combo.