My WEM collection has been built up over several years. I specialise in the period from the late 1960s until the late 1970s. Don’t ask me why but I really like the “sine wave” type grill cloth used during that period and so that is what I have built the collection on.

I hope to add to the collection and, when I do, I will add the details in this section. I have split the collection into groups so just click on the group you are interested in and it should take you to a page with more details. The pages are not all complete yet but I’m working on it.

If anyone has any questions about a particular item please send me an email ( or add something to the forum page.

Amps / Heads for instruments – (AX40/100, BR60, ER40, ER100, GR60, Monitor Reverb)

Amps / Heads for PA – (PA40/PA100, Bandmixer, Reverbmaster, Soundman)

Amps – Power amps  – SL100

Cabs – Guitar (Starfinder 4×12, Starfinder 1×18, Starfinder 2×12, Early Dual 12 cab, 2×12 upright cab,  2×12 cabs, Super 30 Bass cab )

Cabs – PA (2×12 cabs, 2×10 cab, 3×10 cabs, 6×8 cabs, X32 horns)

Combos – (Clubman, Dominators, Monitor Reverb, Westminster)

Mixers – non-powered (Audiomaster, Pre-mixer Mk IV, Reverbmaster & Stereomaster)

Mixers – powered (Reverbmaster, Bandmixer, Soundman)

Copicats (Mk II, Mk IV, IC300, Super IC, IC400 Varispeed, Digital Soundbuilder, Custom Copicat)

If you have any queries or suggestions or anything WEM related that could be added to this website for the benefit of other WEM owners, please email me at –