WEM cabs in the USA

Some visitors to this website may have seen new speaker cabs that are being sold in the USA with a very similar red WEM logo that was used on WEM cabs made in the UK in the 1980s, 1990s etc.. The cabs also have a grille cloth with a very similar pattern.

Although these cabs may look similar to early WEM cabs like those featured on this website, the new cabs being sold in the USA have no connection with Watkins Electric Music based in the UK.

Some of the listings on Ebay.com refer to the cabs as being “Licensed”. I have been assured that, although the cabs may be licensed by someone, they are definitely not licensed by Watkins Electric Music in the UK.

They may or may not have a similar design, structure, driver selection and tone. Individuals will need to make up their own minds.

As these new cabs in the USA are not connected in any way with Watkins Electric Music, there will be no other reference to them on this website other than these few words.

If anyone wants any information about the USA cabs you will need to contact the seller or manufacturer of the cabs. Please do not contact myself or Watkins Electric Music in the UK as we will not be able to provide any information about these cabs.