About this site

WEM Owners web site for owners and users of WEM equipment

My name is Gordon Heley. I’ve used WEM equipment since the late 1960s, starting with a Watkins Rapier 33 guitar and a Watkins Clubman combo.

Since then I’ve used a multitude of WEM equipment including PA amps and speakers, guitar amps and speakers and, of course, a Copicat or two (who hasn’t used a Copicat)

I must confess, there was a large period of time when I didn’t use, or even own, any WEM equipment but that changed a few years ago when I acquired a WEM Westminster Mk IX. Since then I’ve developed something of a passion for old WEM equipment and I now have a collection of various amps, speakers and Copicats.

I’ve also spent quite a lot of time in recent years trying to restore and refurbish old WEM items and to try to breath new life into them.

There is a lot of information about WEM on the web, including the excellent Vintage Hofner website, with its dedicated WEM section, the Watkins Guitar World website, and, of course, the original WEM company website.

However, other than the WEM / Watkins Amplifiers Facebook group, I’ve yet to find a website where WEM owners, users and enthusiasts can share their knowledge and experiences of WEM and where they can also seek answers to questions about WEM that other users of this website might be able to help with.

So that’s what this site was originally set up for. Over the years it has grown and expanded with new sections and lots of pictures and reference material such as copies of original catalogues and sales literature and I hope it has been, and will continue to be of use to many WEM owners worldwide. This site originally had a Forum section and a For Sale section but I have removed them as they weren’t getting a lot of use. I’m happy to receive emails (WEM-Owners@Hotmail.com) instead, or I can strongly recommend the WEM / Watkins Amplifiers group on Facebook.

This site has no commercial links with WEM or any other company and any links to commercial websites are purely for reference and are in no way an endorsement of any products offered by those companies.

If you have any queries or suggestions or anything WEM related that could be added to this website for the benefit of other WEM owners, please email me at –


However – please DO NOT email me about SEO packages as I’m NOT interested.