Reverbmaster – powered

This is a 4 channel mixer / amp with built-in 100 watt solid state amp. It also has built-in Hammond spring reverb.

There are 2 inputs on each channel so channel 1 has inputs 1 & 2, channel 2 has inputs 3 & 4 etc. The output is controlled by master sliders – one for inputs 1-4 and one for inputs 5-8.

Each of the 4 channels has controls for Bass, Treble and Presence plus controls for Reverb / Echo level and Monitor output level. The Reverb / Echo level controls the level of the built-in reverb and also the level of any echo unit linked in via the stereo echo link socket. The Monitor pots control the level of signal sent to the Monitor output sockets via master Monitor level controls – one for inputs 1-4 and one for inputs 5-8

There is a push button switch on the front panel which enables the unit to be used in stereo mode but this does require an additional slave amp connected to one of the master output sockets.

Reverbmaster powered frontReverbmaster powered rear

Reverbmaster powered front left Reverbmaster powered front right

There is more info on the spec. of this mixer amp in the catalogue page.

I’ve now acquired a second example of this mixer / amp. Everything is the same except that the knobs are slightly different. Inside, the power amp stage had major issues so it was replaced by a similar but more modern power amp which had the advantage of being much lighter in weight and having much less mains hum whilst still having a very useful 100 watts output.