Clubman Solid State (early 1970s)

I acquired this Clubman in July 2016. It’s about as basic as you can get. It appears in my 1970 WEM brochure and 1971 Bell Musical Instruments catalogue although I believe this model was first produced in the late 1960s. It’s probably one of WEM’s earliest moves into Solid State amplifiers and they reverted back to valve models not long afterwards. It is rated at 6 watts through its built in Elac 8″ speaker. The controls consist of Volume and Tone with an on/off switch attached to the tone control. Two inputs are provided, one for instrument and one for pick-up. There still seems to be a few of these combos in existence with values ranging from £50 to £150 – a lot more than the original £22 purchase price.

Clubman SS 1Clubman SS 2Clubman SS 5 Clubman SS 4 Clubman SS 3 Clubman SS 7 Clubman SS 6