FR30 Reverberation Amplifier

Many thanks to Caroline at Vintage Allsorts in Basingstoke  ( for allowing me to take the following pics of her FR30 Reverberation Amplifier. This mixer amp was made in the early to mid 1960s and was the forerunner of the better known Audiomaster mixer. As the name suggests, it has a built-in amplifier and spring reverb. The amplifier uses four EL84 valves to produce the 30 watts of power and there are 7 further valves on the pre-amp section. This mixer/amp never really took off so there were very few made.

This example even has its original canvas carrying case and instructions.

FR30-2-5FR30-2-2FR30-2-4 FR30-2-3FR30-2-9 FR30-2-8 FR30-2-7 FR30-2-6FR30-2-11 FR30-2-10FR30-2-12


Many thanks to Geoff in Manchester for permission to use the following pics. This example clearly doesn’t have the desk/cable store on the front but it looks original and unmodified so I can only assume that WEM made different versions of the amp, one with a desk/cable container and one without.

FR30-1FR30-2FR30-4 FR30-5 FR30-3

Many thanks to Terry for permission to use the following pics of his FR30 and matching cabs.