Starfinder 4×12

I’ve owned three Starfinder 4×12 cabs in recent years.

The Starfinder I currently have was acquired in July 2017 and is a Super 200 with Celestion G12/50 drivers.

SF200-1SF200-3 SF200-2SF200-7SF200-8SF200-5 SF200-4

The very first Starfinder I owned required extensive restoration and came with another earlier Starfinder that was, sadly, beyond repair although I was able to salvage the drivers and some other parts from it.

You can read all about the restored cab here :-  Starfinder Restoration page.

This cab was purchased by a representative of a famous guitarist, well known for his use of WEM cabs.

The second cab, which I have since sold, also needed restoration but nowhere near as much. This cab is the Super 80 version unlike my first Starfinder which was the Super 200 version. The following pics show what the cab was like before, during, and after restoration.


IMG_4442 before refurb - frontbefore refurb - top (1) 2before refub - backbefore refurb - basebefore refurb - top (2)

IMG_4447 IMG_4444 IMG_4442 IMG_4441 with monitor reverb head - 1insideIMG_4470IMG_4469IMG_4467

Here are some details of other Starfinders –

Many thanks to Richard from Gloucestershire for providing the following pics of his very early Starfinder. Note the different style of jack socket housing and early style of piping around the front baffle. Also, the serial no. dates from the period before WEM started using serial numbers beginning with two letters.

WEM 066WEM 055WEM 067Star-2Star-6Star-9Star-5WEM 070


Many thanks to Stephen Smith for providing the following pics of his Starfinder Super 80. Even has it’s original cover, which probably one of the reasons why this cab has kept in such good condition. It’s loaded with Celestion drivers (probably G12s) and I’ll add pics of the internals when Stephen has had a chance to take some. Stephen believes the Suzi Quatro link is genuine and hopes to be able to confirm this. Another interesting point about this cab is the recesses on the top. I’ve seen this on WEM PA cabs before but not on a Starfinder. I’m guessing this was an option that WEM offered.