Ian Woledge – Copicats & Westminster

Ian is based in Hampshire UK and has some interesting WEM items. Ian is also an experienced repair tech and he can repair most amps etc., including valve amps, and he has a special interest in Copicats.

Ian also makes excellent reproduction Copicat cases which are made to order.

Ian’s details are on the Contacts page if you want to contact him.

Red_MK2_2 Black_MK2_3 Red_MK2_1 Black_MK2_2 Black_MK2_1 20140407_134259 20140407_134348 20140407_134211 Red_MK2_3 Copicat_MK4_Case_4 Copicat_MK4_Case_3 Copicat_MK4_Case_2 Copicat_MK4_Case_1 Copicat_MK4_4Westminster_1 Watkins_Tie_Pin 20140407_134348 20140407_134259 20140407_134211 Westminster_Warranty Westminster_2