Starfinder 2×12 cab – circa 1968

I acquired this cab in June 2015. It weighs approx. 35 kg and measures 32″ x 21.5″ x 13.5″ excluding the wheels. I would date this cab around 1968 as it has the metal WEM logo but before they started painting them bright red.

The drivers are unmarked but I’ve been advised that they are probably early Fanes and I would guess they are about 50 watts each, making the cab 100 watts in total. I’m not sure that these drivers are original to the cab as I’ve not seen them used in any other WEM cab. However, the previous owner contacted WEM who advised that the modern day equivalent would be a Celestion G12. WEM also advised that the 7 oblong panels on the front of the cab were made from WEM Pepe pedals.

Starfinder 2x12 pic 1 Starfinder 2x12 pic 2Starfinder 2x12 pic 3 Starfinder 2x12 drivers 1Starfinder 2x12 drivers 3 Starfinder 2x12 drivers 2


WEM 1960s 2-3