RCF Drivers

WEM also used RCF drivers in some of their instrument cabs. However, I have only ever seen 15″ drivers used. One was in a Dominator 30 Reverb and the other was in a WEM Super 40 which is the 1×15″ version of the standard upright WEM cab. Here are some pics of the driver from the Super 40 –



And thanks to Tor for the following pic and info about the RCF driver used in a Dominator 30 Reverb –

WEM Dominator 30 SN 76839 02

– RCF is the brandname

– Altoparlante means ‘speakers’ in Italian.

– MODel number: L17/64AF.

– Potenza di lavoro / continuous power: 50W

– Potenza di punta / peak power: 100W

– Impedenza / Impedance: 8 Ohms, but these also came in 4 and 16 Ohms.

– Frequency response: 51 – 4000 Hz

– Diameter: 425 mm / 16.75 inches

– Website: http://www.rcf.it/it_IT/professional-speaker-systems

WEM also used RCF horns in some of their PA cabs, as can be seen in the X39 cabs described in the PA speaker section.