Mk II Copicat repair in Australia

The following text and pictures have been supplied by Geoff Williamson from Doppler Audio in Australia. Many thanks to Geoff for the information.

Geoff mainly handles Hammond organs and Leslie cabs but he can also do repairs on Copicats and he is currently working on a Custom Copicat which I hope to add pictures of soon.

If you are in Australia and have a Copicat requiring attention, I’m sure Geoff would be happy to hear from you. His details are on the Contacts page.


Here’s a couple of pictures of a Mk II Copicat I had in the workshop last week to fix a ‘squeal’ that the owner  was experiencing after the unit warmed right up. I think this was related to a missing capacitor (bias trap capacitor C12). It also had a dodgy bias oscillator coil that I repaired while servicing the unit.

WEM Copycat half open WEM Copycat closed

WEM Copycat fully open Mk II circuit board Mk II osc coil Mk II playback heads

It sounds pretty good after I changed a couple of component values to compensate for worn playback heads, but it would be better with new heads of course.