Copicat Schematics

I’ve acquired the following Copicat schematics from various sources over the years.

I can’t guarantee their accuracy but I hope you find them useful.

Early valve Copicat – 61copicat


Many thanks to Chris Devine (who maintains the “Back From The Sixties” website) for the following updated schematic for a Mk II. Chris’s website also includes a very interesting and detailed write-up of the restoration Chris did on a Mk II.

Mk II valve Copicat –Copicat Schematic iss5

Valve Copicat – model not indicated – copicat

Mk III valve Copicat – copicatmk3acopicatmk3b

Mark IV Copicat – copicatmk4


Super IC – copicatsup1c

IC300 – ic300