BR60 Bass amp with 1×18 Starfinder cab

I purchased this amp and cab in 2014 as a matching set. The previous owner had purchased them secondhand in the late 1960s although I suspect they were not very old at the time. Judging by the immaculate state of the inside of the cab, I don’t think it had ever been opened before. The words “Star Finder” can be clearly seen written in chalk on the inside of the cab. The cab is an unusual design as it has the metal WEM logo but it is unpainted. Also, the baffle surround is made from an aluminum strip. I’ve not seen another cab like this before or since and the design supports the suggestion that it was made in the late 1960s.

The amp is solid state and rated at 60 watts. It’s about as basic as you can get with just 2 inputs on a single channel with Volume Bass and Treble controls. The rear panel shows the mains input and speaker output via old style circular Bulgin connectors, both of which I subsequently replaced for safety reasons. The rear panel also has a multiway connector for 100 volt line and other outputs and there is also a slide switch to reduce output from 60 watts to 10 watts.


IMG_4366 IMG_4365 IMG_4364 IMG_4363 IMG_4371 IMG_4370 IMG_4369 IMG_4368

Here is a link to another version of the 1×18″ Starfinder bass cab – Starfinder 1×18″