Other owner’s guitar pictures

Many thanks to Graham for supplying these pictures of his excellent collection of Watkins guitars plus the accompanying info.. –

“My Rapier Mk 1. The only single pickup Watkins guitar I’ve ever seen.
When Charlie Watkins was asked about this guitar he said it was probably a prototype. The advert says that single pickup versions of the ‘Rapier de luxe’ were available.
Scratchplate and fittings are repro based on the extant plate holes.”

Rapier Mk 1 180dpi r

“My ‘time machine’ Rapier 33 from about 1960. All original in almost new condition.”

Rapier Mk 2 180dpi r

“The Rapier ‘rack’ – Right to Left: 
a. The single pickup Mk 1 1958/9
b. The ‘time machine’ Mk 2 1959/60
c. A Mk 2 for repair approx 1960
d. The ‘player’ from 1961 – I’ve had this one since I was 12 years old
e. A 1962 Mk 2 to be repaired/rebuilt”
Rapier rack r
And thanks to Paul for this picture of his excellent Wilson Sapphire guitar with serial no. 15445.
wilson sapphire 3
And here’s a rare and unusual Wilson Telecaster with pictures kindly supplied by Stefan. This one doesn’t even appear on the Watkins Guitars website, which is an indication of how rare it is.
A few notes from Stefan – “Some time ago I was able to buy this beautiful Wilson Telecaster model on an eBay platform. The wood and electronics resemble a hand built Mercury”
Stefan-1Stefan-4 Stefan-3 Stefan-2

Thanks to Colin for these pictures of his semi-acoustic Wilson guitar.