Diffuser 6×10″ plus horns

These cabs were acquired in March 2021 and have now been refurbished The cabs date from the late 1970’s, based on their appearance in a WEM leaflet from that period.

Each cab contains 6 x 10″ twin cone drivers plus a pair of Celestion T1360 horns. The leaflet indicates that the cabs are designed to be used with a 100 watt amp.

Most of the original Peerless 10″ drivers were either missing or damaged so they had to be replaced. It’s impossible to get a set of 12 vintage drivers, Peerless, Elac, or any other make, so I had no option other than to use a set of new generic drivers. They are rated at 30 watts each and sound pretty good.

This is what the cabs looked like when I first got them –

The following is a scan from a 1970’s WEM leaflet –