Bernard Cromarty – Copicats and Joker

Here are some pics of Bernard’s collection, including a selection of Copicats, a very rare Stereo Copicat, and a Joker combo with built-in Copicat sitting alongside Bernard’s Rapier 33 : –

Copicats Stereo digital Copicat

stereo_copicat_1990_2-ca stereo_copicat_1990_2c stereo_copicat_1990_rear stereo_copicat_1990_front

Joker Joker_rear_2 Joker_rear_1 Joker_front Joker_rear_3


The output stage of the Joker is twin push-pull EL84s, same as the Vox AC30. Charlie conservatively rated it at 25 watts, though. He once said the built-in copicat was the best sounding one of the lot.