Spare parts

I’ve added this section so that I can list the sources that I know of for spare parts. Spares for old WEM amps are extremely difficult to obtain, unless they are standard non-WEM parts, as WEM don’t have spares for the older amps. In recent years I have found a few places where some parts can be acquired. They won’t necessarily be original WEM parts but they will do the job. If you find any sources for parts please send me an email ( and I will add the info to this section.

Please note – I have no links with the companies referred to on these pages. They are just the companies that I have used myself.

Copicat / Dominator knobs. Copicat grills / buttons, metal strips for amps.

Metal strips – these are often lost on amps such as Dominators, Westminsters, etc. click on Metal strips to go to a page where I have documented a possible solution.

Copicat parts

Black basket weave tolex