WEM brochures from 1960s (x2)

Here are a couple of very early WEM brochures from the 1960s. Exact date unknown.

Brochure 1

WEM 1960s 1-1

Parts of the following pages overlapped as the brochure had a half-page fold open section.

WEM 1960s 1-3WEM 1960s 1-4WEM 1960s 1-2WEM 1960s 1-5WEM 1960s 1-6WEM 1960s 1-7WEM 1960s 1-8

Brochure 2

WEM 1960s 2-1

WEM 1960s 2-2WEM 1960s 2-3WEM 1960s 2-4WEM 1960s 2-5WEM 1960s 2-6