Aggressor – 1×12 plus 8×8 – guitar cab

Here’s a very rare one. There is a short mention of it in a couple of mid-1970s Bell catalogues but no pictures. I acquired this cab in January 2017. The cab is rated at 100 watts and 8 ohms. It contains a single Goodmans 12″ Audiom 12P-G  16 ohm driver and 8 Elac 8″ drivers. The Elacs are all 8 ohms and are wired in 2 groups of 4. The 4 drivers in each group are wired in series to give 32 ohms and then the 2 groups are wired in parallel to give 16 ohms. These are then wired in parallel with the 12″ driver to give the 8 ohms at which the cab is rated..

The 1977 Bell catalogue describes the speaker thus –

A specialised cabinet for use with Dominator top or similar amplifiers up to 100 watts. Four 8” speakers with high flux magnet giving strong middle and highs and another four 8” speakers with medium flux magnet giving strong clean bass. These 8 speakers surround a heavy and powerful 12” speaker and because of the great total cone area produces a powerful and clean full bodied sound.

Dimensions: 37” x 25” x 9”

On the lighter of the following pics you can just make out how the drivers are arranged within the cab.

Agg-1 Agg-2Agg-5 Agg-4Agg-6 Agg-3