Full collection as at October 2014


The complete collection – although since taking these pictures in October 2014 I have added several items including three pairs of 2×12 cabs, some new Copicats, two Audiomasters. a Reverbmaster mixer, a Reverbmaster powered mixer, a Stereomaster mixer, a Pre-MixerIV, a pair of 3×10 PA cabs, a pair of 6×8 PA cabs, a pair of X32 Horn Columns, and a Starfinder 2×12 cab. Plus several amps including a PA100 ER40 and SL100.

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My collection pic 4
Starfinder 1×18, BR60 head, ER100, Monitor Reverb combo, Monitor Reverb head, Starfinder 4×12, Copicat Mk II, Westminster

My collection pic 5

My collection pic 3
GR60, 2×12 cab,Dominator 50, Dominator Mk III, Clubman, Dominator MkII, Copicat IC300

My collection pic 7

My collection pic 6