2×10 PA cabs

In my collection I currently have a very early pair of 2×10 PA cabs, a much later pair of 2×10 cabs, and a single cab which dates somewhere in between the two pairs.

I’ll start with the very early cabs –

These cabs I would estimate date from the late 1960s. I’ve based this estimate on the fact that they have gold piping and a very thin rexine covering so they definitely date from before the time WEM switched to red/silver piping. The serial nos. are CW02080 and Cw02081 which are also an indication of an early date. The drivers are recent replacements which were fitted before I got the cabs in April 2017.

2x10 early-12x10 early-2 2x10 early-4 2x10 early-5 2x10 early-7

I believe the single 2×10 cab dates from the early to mid 1970s. This cab has the red/silver piping and a thicker tolex covering. As can be seen from the pics, this version of the cab also had a Celestion horn fitted. Unfortunately I only have one of the earlier cabs. Hopefully I’ll find a matching cab one day to make a pair. The good news is that this one is in immaculate condition and even has its original cover. The drivers are black framed Peerless 10″ drivers. They are marked as 8 ohms but there are no other markings on them to indicate model etc.. WEM used Peerless drivers along with their bigger 12″ versions in many of their PA cabs. I can only guess at the power rating but my guess would be 10-15 watts each driver making the cab 20-30 watts in total. The horn is a standard Celestion T1360 found in many WEM PA cabs as well as several other makers such as Laney, Vox, Orange, Hiwatt and Marshall. The horns are rated at 25 watts each and, as you can see from the pictures, there is a very simple, crude crossover fitted in the cab on a tag solder strip.

2x10p1 2x10p8

2x10p7 2x10p6 2x10p5 2x10p4 2x10p3 2x10p2


And, Finally – the later cabs, dating from the late 1970s to the early 1980s. These have been fitted (by a previous owner) with Skytronic drivers. However, I believe the tweeters are probably original although I’m not sure of the make or model as they are unmarked. They are not unlike modern day Motorola tweeters. The tolex is more like elephant hide pattern and the piping is plain silver. The logos are plastic. Apart from the 10″ drivers, I believe everything on these cabs is original.

2x10p15 2x10p14 2x10p132x10p11 2x10p10 2x10p9 IRB 16