ER40 / ER100

Another new acquisition (Feb. 2016) is another ER100 – details and pics of this further down the page.

I’ve recently (Nov. 2015) acquired another ER40.

I also have an ER100 in my collection.

The ER40 and ER100 are identical apart from having different power amp stages and different signage on the front panel

This one was in good working condition but needed some refurbishment –

  • The front panel was replaced with a spare one I had as the original had some damage to the paintwork. The replacement panel also had an original on/off switch and a slave output socket which this ER40 didn’t originally have.
  • The handle was replaced with a new, authentic replacement (The black mark on the end of the handle shown in the picture is just a reflection)
  • All the sockets, controls and switches were cleaned with contact cleaner
  • The amp had been fitted with a replacement IEC mains socket but it was a standard one which leaves gaps at the top and bottom so I replaced it with the type that is designed to fit in the round holes made for the original Bulgin mains socket. (available from The Tube Amp Doctor in Germany). This doesn’t leave any gaps.
  • The casing was cleaned and polished.
  • New feet were fitted.

ER40 - FrontER40 - back

ER40 - side ER40 - top

ER40 - pre-amp ER40 - internal

In the last picture you can see the output sockets which are the same as all ER and PA amps in that there are 3 sockets simply wired in parallel so it doesn’t matter which combination of sockets is used as long as the total impedance of the speakers connected to the sockets is 6 ohms or just over, as that is the standard output impedance on these amps. Two of the sockets are marked as 12 ohms but that is just a guide to indicate that 2 x 12 ohm speakers can be used to make 6 ohms.

Here is the new ER100.  It needed a few connections re-soldered plus a new handle, new feet, and a good clean and polish. It’s now looking and sounding great.

Here are some “before refurbishment” pics –

ER100 before - 1 ER100 before - 4

ER100 before - 3 ER100 before - 2


And here are a few “after refurbishment” pics –

ER100 after 1 ER100 after 7ER100 after 6 ER100 after 3 ER100 after 2