Here are some contacts you may find useful –

Ian Woledge -Copicat and amp repair specialist. Ian has loads of experience in repairing all types of amps including valve amps and he specialises in Copicats. Ian even builds replacement Copicat cases. Ian is based in the UK but will handle repairs from anywhere. He can be contacted by phone on 0(44)7771-504806 or by email at

See Picture Gallery  to see one of Ian’s Copicats plus his very early Westminster.

Also, see Picture Gallery for some pics of the excellent Copicat replacement casings that Ian can build to order.

Steve Smith – Steve is based in Surrey and he produces several different replacement parts for WEM / Watkins equipment.

These include knobs for WEM amps and Copicats, grills for Copicats, and metal fascia strips for Dominator and other amps.

Steve can be contacted via email at –

Geoff WilliamsonDoppler Audio (Australia)

Doppler Audio in Australia are primarily experts on Hammond tonewheel organs but Geoff can also do repairs on Copicats and he is currently restoring a Custom Copicat and I hope to add pictures of this soon. So if you are based in Australia and need a Copicat repaired then please give Geoff a call.

See Picture Gallery (Copicats) for some pictures of a Mk II Copicat that Geoff has been working on.