Westminster Refurb

Refurbishment of a Westminster Mk IX carried out in May 2018.

The “Before” pics show how it was when I received it and the “After” pics show how it is now, after several days of refurbishment.

The amp section sounds great after having been checked over by a valve amp specialist, Ian Woledge, who replaced a couple of noisy components.

The amp is almost entirely original, including its original Mullard valves (2 x ECL82 and 1 x ECC83). The only non-original parts are –

  • Replacement wooden frame to which the grill cloth is attached.
  • Replacement inner grill cloth (underneath the original patterned cloth).
  • New rubber feet on the side.
  • New chrome ends on the handle.

The amp now looks as sweet as it sounds – and that’s sweet!!

Before pics –

West-1West-1West-2 West-3 West-4 West-5 West-6


After pics –

West-12West-11 West-13 West-10West-7 West-8 West-9 West-14 West-15